The De-Schooling Project

S2 E10: The De-Stress of De-Schooling

September 22, 2023 Kristy Boyd Johnson & Alysia Seymour Season 2 Episode 10
The De-Schooling Project
S2 E10: The De-Stress of De-Schooling
Show Notes

On this episode, do your children complain about school and resist doing homework? That’s what we’re going to help you with this week, where you’ll learn how to spot the signs that your child is struggling and how to help them.

The three common signs that your child is struggling in school are complaining, crying, and angry outbursts. Complaining looks like saying things such as: I don't want to go to school, Don't make me go to school, It's too hard, Why are you making me go? Crying often accompanies the complaining, but can also stand on its own and be expressed as anxiety, fear or sadness. The angry outbursts usually come out of nowhere and don't make any sense. There seems to be no trigger but they just get angry. Pay attention if this is happening when talking about school, doing homework, or when it's time to get ready for school.

In this episode, Kristy shares 3 solutions that will help you ease this stress in your kids about going to school. Children deserve fun, freedom, and relaxation as much as we do. De-schooling our kids by easing up on them and loving them where they are, no more forcing, is the best gift we can give.

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