The De-Schooling Project

S2 E13: Why Aren't Our Kids Reading?

October 13, 2023 Kristy Boyd Johnson & Alysia Seymour Season 2 Episode 13
The De-Schooling Project
S2 E13: Why Aren't Our Kids Reading?
Show Notes

On this episode, are you concerned that your child is struggling with reading? Or that they've lost the desire to read? Especially with the events of the past few years. That’s what Kristy is going to talk about this week.

When a child says, "I don't like reading", they really mean, "I don't know how to do it."

The Why: The schools shutdown, no one was prepared, the kids got a free pass for several months. Teachers were teaching to black screens.

Reading is a finite thing. It's a skill. It's not a mystery. Yet, cirriculums that are now forced into the schools are not teaching reading. They have their own agenda and it does not include really teaching our children to read.

Kids need to start with phonics. This isn't taught in the schools anymore. Sight words have taken place of the reading cirriculum where phonics should be. When the tools are taken away from our children, how can we expect them to read? This isn't their fault.

Kids want to learn and grow. They only need the proper tools to succeed.

To be clear, this is not the teacher's fault either. They have to do what they're told to keep their jobs. It's up to us as parents and teachers who are ready to stand up, to create this change for our children.

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