The De-Schooling Project

S2 E12: Having Compassion for Our Children

October 06, 2023 Kristy Boyd Johnson & Alysia Seymour Season 2 Episode 12
The De-Schooling Project
S2 E12: Having Compassion for Our Children
Show Notes

On this episode, have you ever felt that there's too much strive and force on our children in a fast-changing world? That’s exactly what we’re going discuss this week show, where we'll dive into softening as parents and having compassion as we all nagivate change.

The world has changed a lot in the past few years.

Depending what age are children were when the changes began with the shut down and where their personal and family lives were at, each child had their own response to the fast changes thrown at them.

Some shut down themselves, some resisted school with distance learning or reintegrating back into school, some needed more support than they got, some doubted their own abilities, while some went on like usual.

Not all children have fulled moved on or healed from the shut down. Not all have felt ready to "get back to normal". Not all ever want to get back to normal.
Some want a new way. Some want more time to heal.

As parents, and especially soul-led parents, compassion is the best response we can give our children right now. Around school and learning, at home and in the family, and wherever else.

Compassion shows them they are enough and they are loved just as they are and where they are, whether it's where we want them to be or not.

Each child has their own journey and it's up to us as parents to love them through that journey, especially now in a world that is changing fast, feels chaotic, and puts far too much pressure on everything.

The time we live in now is a call for softening and creating, for all of us. We feel that desire so let's allow our children to express it too.

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