The De-Schooling Project

S2 E15: Aligned Teaching

October 27, 2023 Kristy Boyd Johnson & Alysia Seymour Season 2 Episode 15
The De-Schooling Project
S2 E15: Aligned Teaching
Show Notes

On this episode, what happened once Kristy realized that she needed to stop worrying about what the system was telling her to do and started allowing herself to be present with the kids and focused on what they needed? That’s what we’re going to talk about on this week's episode. Aligned teaching brings more fun to learning.

In the 90s when they took away the children's tools, I was losing my mind. I took that on myself as if it were my fault the kids weren't learning anymore. But the biggest shift I had was realizing that if I was stressed out, the kids would stress out. This is because kids pick up on OUR energy.

Someone said to me me, ""What you teach doesn't matter. All that matters is that you are present with the children."" After that, I shifted.

I stopped worrying about everything and my rebelious nature started to come out. I started doing things differently with the children, and they LOVED it. I honored them where they are, slowed it down, and took the pressure off of the kids.

The change in the kids was amazing. They were excited to be in the classroom and they were retaining the things that I taught. Aligned teaching is the result of letting go of worry and stress, stepping into the present moment, and allowing the children to feed off of this aligned energy and mirroring it back to you.

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