The De-Schooling Project

S2 E16: Tune Within & Release the Judgment of Others

November 03, 2023 Kristy Boyd Johnson & Alysia Seymour Season 2 Episode 16
The De-Schooling Project
S2 E16: Tune Within & Release the Judgment of Others
Show Notes

On this episode, do you feel judged for every decision you make as a parent? Do you wonder if you're doing something wrong because others don't agree with you? That’s what Alysia is going to talk about this week and why tuning within is the answer to releasing this judgment.

I believe everyone has the right to live as they choose, and definitely to parent their children as they choose. If you're listening to this, then I know you hold a similiar belief.

When it comes to the topic of parenting, there are endless opinions, books, seminars, and teachings all contradicting each other. So, it can become very overwhelming to know what is right for us and our children if we allow these opinions and judgments to seep in too deep into our experience.
Something I've really been focused on recently is tuning out all the opinions and tuning in to my inner voice for guidance. 

Instead of giving any attention to the judgments and opions of others, I shift my focus within myself, to hear the voice of my Soul, or Inner Guidance. Practices like meditation, deep breathing, and nature walking are all great for tuning within. Eventually, you become familiar with the soft, gentle tone of this voice and can easily tell it apart from the loud, demanding voices outside of yourself. 

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